At certain times of a spy mission, have you ever just wished you had super powers? Well your wish is my command! You can have any of 9 powers available. Don’t be the only one having to walk everywhere, when you can fly instead.


The paint-a-power is the perfect undercover weapon. It consists of 9 differerent colours/powers.


Red-fire blast


Yellow- summon food

Green- plant manipulation


Purple- teleportation

Cyan-water manipulation

White-shape shifting



The ideal weapon also has the added bonus of the paint not being able to spread onto anything other than your fingertips and human skin.


Supposedly, the most important reason to purchase this ‘must have’ item is that you can apply multiple powers at once and only you have the ability to use it.


This pallet is suggested by Edna Marie Mode.


Comes with a state of the art paintbrush and protection cover, so order now at

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