Shadow Goblins

Shadow goblins are one of the most devilish goblins in Britain, they like to hide in the shadows to stay out of sight because Shadow goblins hate loud noises and they don’t want to be seen. Speaking of being seen, Shadow goblins are completely pitch black, have a black aura and usually they wear a red cloak that they make from the dark magic of their elders. 

Shadow goblins live in the shade because they are allergic to sunlight and are most commonly found in dark forests at night. However, if they are exposed to the sun they only eat the fur of black animals because it helps them to grow and evolve. Also they are allergic to the colours white, yellow, green, blue, orange, pink, and light grey. They also like eating rocks to make them tougher (some even eat ores!)

These naughty goblins have many hobbies: they like climbing up trees so they can take the bark and use them as shields against other deadly goblins (they also make amour too!). They love to hunt because it drains out all their anger and they also like reading for hours on end for the same reason. But their favourite activity is to spy on humans because it can improve their cooking skills.

If you ever meet one of these devilish goblins you should probably stay away, as if not you will turn dark grey for 32 years, so make sure to watch out next time you leave your window open or go into the woods at night! To protect themselves against danger, they will burn until they are a black hot puddle that acts like acid.

Watch out – Shadow goblins are not all what they seem!

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