Spike blade pencil Benjamin SWW

Get the spike blade pencil!

Do you need to write home? Are you in need of a knife? If you are, get the new spike blade pencil by MI9. Don’t be the only spy without one! This will help you get out of any problem! They are on limited time only so get yours now!

The spike blade pencil is the perfect pencil for spies and soldiers. It is perfect in weight and price but it hides many cold secrets like:
* Infinite lead;
* A blade inside made out of Aluminum;
* The pencil is made from Cedar wood;
* The pencil (and blade) only weighs 100g!

This is guaranteed to be able to be used for 50 years. Also, at the flat end the lead can spit a liquid that can tranquilize you enemies for ten hours straight!

Probably, the best reason to get this ‘must have’ pencil is that the only person that can use it is the person that has set the thumb print! Access is a small thumb recognition plate!

This pencil is recommended by Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart.

Comes with a botte of tranquilizer and a belt that can hold the pencil. Order now on WWW.MI9SPYEQUYPMENT.CO.UK

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