The Swamp Goblin

Did you know that Swamp Goblins are considered the ugliest creature in the whole entire universe? On the outside they are musky and slimy and most of all repulsive. They also have razor sharp teeth covered in murky-green misty leaves and their skin is cucumber-green.

If you harvest their body you will detect fish bones or even shark bones too. Although its personality is shy, secretly, they’re naughty and are always up to mischief! 

Most Swamp Goblins live just off the coast of California on a small island surrounded by a deep murky-blue ocean which is dim and dark. Also, in the middle of the island there is a revolting swamp.

They mostly eat Hammerhead Sharks and fish (they love to eat delicious Piranhas – mmmm their favourite!) The food that they don’t like to eat are things such as seagulls, seaweed, crabs and jellyfish.

Interestingly, they are quite dumb but they can swim and climb (they climb loads of things such as trees ladder ropes and loads more) Lastly, they can jump very high its like jumping on the moon but faster going down.

So beware, if you see a Swamp Goblin,  RUN!! This is vital, don’t ignore it!!!!!!!!!!!

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