Adventure 1

Finally, they were ready to leave.


That evening, when the sun was about to set, an important message had arrived with Mr Tate – an owl-carrier – to say that the Gorm were getting closer and closer to the Winter Warren. They were in maximum jeopardy. The Winter Warren, that is as old as a fossil from the dawn of time, was built many winters ago and would be too dangerous to hide from the Gorm in. They would take it down in a heartbeat! The walls were too thin to keep them safe and its roof was way too fragile that if you stood on it, you would fall right through! Unfortunately, the warren would never survive an attack from the Gorm.


And so it was that the three innocent rabbits Primrose, Pook and Pip, left their warm, comfy home and set off on an endless long path. The journey to a safe place would take many days, maybe even weeks to get to. They would have had to climb the Volcher Volcano, cross Waterloo Lake and travel through Mushroom Meadow and they had to walk across these different places extremely carefully so the Gorm didn’t spot them. Mushroom Meadows was right next to the Gorm, so they had to be extra cautious once they got there.


Even the powerful Gorm could not get through to Mushroom Meadows, the meadow has a strong, invisible barrier along the sides of the walls and along the bottom of the ground so they can’t dig through.The barrier has a tiny gap at the end so the mushrooms could get some air, the gap is just big enough for Primrose, Pip and Pook to fit through. Once the three siblings got through the hole they would be safe for as long as they wish to stay in the Mushroom Meadow. There were many different paths to Mushroom Meadows but were protected by supreme Gorm scouts and are too menacing for them as they are so tiny. However,their mother gave them a mysterious map of the kingdom that shows them every single route possible to get to the places and islands they need to go.


Desperately, Podkin was clutching on the map extremely cautiously, terrified to let a gust of wind drift along it. The trio of frightened baby rabbits steadily made their way to Fearful Forest. The only thing in their way was thirty foot tall trees with no way around them, it was the gate to the forest. Although they were tiny creatures, not even one of their claws could fit through the gap in the trees! They first tried climbing but that was no use, then they tried squeezing through the gap even though they knew they had no chance of fitting through. Finally they had found the right way to get through, they would all make a hole and dig through until they got to the other side of the entrance as Fearful Forest does not have an invisible barrier. Once they had got through into the forest, Primrose bravely took the lead and marched towards the end of the woods. Primrose didn’t mind all of the noises in the woods but Pip and Pook would jump at the sight of a baby squirrel or the rustle of a blackberry bush, just in case it was the Gorm!


Eventually, Pook started to get tired so they all decided to make a camp for the night. Pook found some sticks, Pip found some ferns and leaves and Primrose found rocks and bigger sticks to make a fire. After a long while, the den was finally made


That nightfall, as the sun started to slowly set, the kittens settled down for an enjoyable meal of roasted parsnips, fresh grass and hazelnuts they stole from very angry squirrels. They ate in tranquillity, because they were way too nervous for the Gorm hearing them. After their dinner was over,Pook yawned and started to snuggle into Primrose’s arms as they all slowly started to drift off to sleep. Primrose was awoken by a branch snapping and decided to take a peek outside. Primrose was relieved once she knew no one was spying on their den and fell straight back into her dreams.


All of a sudden, it had hit Primrose. She realised the Gorm can camouflage so they could be anywhere! In the woods, in the Winter Burrow maybe even in the den watching them! She awoke scared for her and her brother’s life. Taking  one’s time, she started to go back to sleep, cuddling her two siblings as tight as she could. Were they going to make it out alive?


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