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podkin chapter 3

In the blink of an eye, what appeared to be a dark, mysterious shadow, stood tall. It was Metalscraper, the terrifying Gorm leader. His body was covered in metal from head to toe. Cautiously, Peter ducked under a large tree trunk trying to stay out of the way. In MetalScraper’s hand was a Gorm maker sword. He looked up into the sky and watched the evil owl still circling above. Metalscraper let out a mighty roar, charged and leapt, flinging his sword at the evil owl.


With the sound of screeching armour and the cawing of metal crows chasing after them, the three little rabbits ran as fast as their tiny paws would carry them hoping they would leave behind them the dangers and onwards to safety


After many hours travelling, their feet were tired and aching. “We need to find somewhere to rest,” said Payton. We can’t  go on much further. Then, she spotted a large hole in a grand tree.


Walking in the tree, the rabbits saw it was a Dirty, filthy Place.They cleaned it up ten minutes passed and they fell down like a boulder rolling down ‘food’ sead Pip ‘ok let’s eat something’ said Peyton. They ate nettles, river water and mushrooms.


SleepingPeter woke up’we did not open the tall parcel.He woke up the others and said”let’s open the tall parcel. Excited, Peter ripped the paper he saw a golden trident with symbols of fire,air,water,earth and metal.Peter said”Its Wefwetrident, it can control any element.


After a night’s sleep, the trio gathered their thing’s and journeyed onward towards zap yellow mountains.




Chapter3-suspence builds



With a spark, Penelope had a horrible thought in her head about the sandwiches they ate several hours ago. She thought “ Why couldn’t I possibly think of that, if someone gave the gorm sandwiches he’s not up to something good  because everyone knows the Gorm are the absolute opposite of heroes and they never have anything good in mind.” Penelope Told Paisley what she thought because she was worried about what they had eaten. Paisley replied, “ Oh no! Maybe those sandwiches were for us but not a gift but poison, do you still have the note?” Penelope handed Paisley the note and she turned the note around and read aloud, “ Here are the sandwiches you asked for and yes, I will help you trap them pesky children, it will make them sleep for hours and they will wake up at 1 in the morning. Hope you appreciate it and remember my prize, By MNC” Penelope responded with, “So they really were for us!”


They both thought very hard about the past to think about what MNC stands for. They had no idea about who this rabbit was,so they continued to walk. Several hours later, their feet were hurting and eventually found themselves in the middle of a circus. They were so desperate to sit down that they entered a random room. In the room,there was a lady rabbit that twirled her hands around a galaxy ball that only she could see in. She had a surprised grin on her face as if she was already waiting for them. Suddenly she said, “ Hello there children, what do you need from me, potions?” Penelope responded,“Not really, we have been walking for ages desperate to find a place to sit, and no we don’t need any potions, but thank you for asking.” The trio stepped out of the door as the lady called out, “Stay here children,you can rest for a couple of hours or days, really just come and sit down you poor children.”

The rabbits stepped in again and the lady led them to her secret room of potions.

It was like being in space but with different coloured spaceships around you.


“Would you like some tea children?” The lady asked as Penelope and Paisley nodded with a smile. Pippin was snuggling in his cosy basket already asleep. The lady had golden coin earrings and a chain headpiece matching her necklace. Even though Paisley was happy she was a little suspicious,she noticed that her name was Madame Nicole Cleo and then she looked back at the note for Scramashank and noticed the difference. “ We have to get out of here, look!,” said Paisley alarmed, pointing at the crystal ball with the lady’s name on. Penelope said, ”Oh no we need to get out, we chose the wrong shelter!” 


They ran out of the house and out of the circus gates. After a while,they found a strange little abandoned hut and decided to go in. The hut wasn’t too dirty and the objects were as clean as a freshly cleaned window. They sat down on the chairs and Paisley reminded Penelope of the object they had collected before setting off for their adventure. Penelope opened the wrapped up weapon and saw a note. On the note,it said ‘dear children if you see this, well we just want to say that this is not a normal bow and arrow. It’s the magical bow and arrow that has been passed down many years ago and was once your father’s and now is passed on to you. You have to shoot it at the enemy and it will play music and will kill them. Be careful while using it and don’t make it go in the wrong hands. We hope you stay safe.

Love Mother and Father.’ The children started crying desperately wishing their parents were there. Instantly Penelope found a tag on the Bow…. Mostu… that is the name of the bow.

“I wonder why dad always said, armour can defeat, but music can stop heat beat?”, Penelope remembered, sighing. They unwrapped the precious gift and slowly it started to beep. On the bow there was a map not any map, no papermap or card map but an electronic map.“It seems that it tells you where you are! Let’s keep going, we are nearly there!”,Paisley said energetically. 5 hours later, the trio arrived at another bridge that took them to their forest destination but all of a sudden there were two terrifying creatures that looked like…The Gorm!

Chapter 3

Chapter three


Once in a treehouse lived three bunnies, under dark blue skies full of midnight wind they trotted off to find mushrooms and as they were searching they saw a cave. Inside, there were lights hanging from the roof, so they decided to stay. “Let’s do this!” they added decorations, they added some bunny poofs and beds but someone was with them….


They went as quietly as mice, silently still they went to their old house to get more supplies. Paz and Pok searched,  Paz said ”morning already?” she yawned the next day “come on we have to go!” called Podkin “we are running out of time!” and with that they are gone….


As they were walking they were suddenly surprised by the Gorm. “What should we do?” Podkin screamed. “In that cave quick!” he yelled. They all ran to the cave. Once inside, Paz thought “We never opened the magical gift, did we?” 

“No, we didn’t your correct!” answered Podkin.

“Let’s unwrap it quickly” puffed Paz. They took it out of the back pack and unwrapped it “Look! Mum’s old potions, maybe one of them could help?” 

“Oh there’s one with hearts. amazingly,  it makes bad people’s luck bad like them! Let’s use it” 

“Ok” Paz and Pok grinned quickly. They each  took a sip,  got luck rocks crumbled on the Gorm and making a small exit, they all hopped out and Pok hopped with joy “We did it! We defeated the Gorm!” she squealed, “can we do another adventure?”She grinned, Podkin looked at Paz and Paz looked at Podkin he smiled and looked at Pok. “I think we have all had enough adventure for a day” and they trotted towards the gleaming sunset. 


The next night, Paz woke up at the howl of the wolves. She yawned ones more and went to get a cup of milk and berries she sat on the one of the bunny poofs and started to eat she gazed at the hungry wolf, she left the others to sleep and went out the wolf was very young a pup to be honest she gave it some berries “Here” she said smoothly the pup slowly licked them and barcked happily she sang “Rockabye puppy in smooth grey skies so long in the night” she sang quietly “Rockabye puppy so long so tight fall asleep in night.” She looked at the pup smoothly asleep, smiled and slept with her all night. “Rockabye puppy in the night rockabye puppy good night” awwwhhh!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Chapter 3

With a  loud  screech, what appeared to be a tree at the outside of the clearing,howled into life, it was Scamscanck, the one and only Gorm leader. His wide body blocking the path with his dull spiced armour.  timidly, Pich dived low to avoid a blast. Pich dashed through Scamscanck’s open legs, just to trip. Suddenly, a prisoner rabbit jumped against Scramscanck’s wide chest and in the commotion the confused young rabbits ran away from the small clearing.  


Sound of clanking armour and claws of huge rats tapping together, the small clan of rabbits fled as fast as their tiny little legs could go. They scurried away.

The little rabbits turned back and witnessed a huge fire ball hit the Gorm. As they ventured into the cave but as they reached it, the entrance caved in around them.


Scraping back the moss, the rabbits found out  they had just revealed an ancient paradise, waterfalls streamed down the light marble walls and a thick canopy loomed up from the forest floor. But the rabbits didn’t stop for scenery; they  slumped into a pile on the floor. Minutes past by, they were only awakened when a noisy bird flapped past and scared Pich.


“We never opened that parcel from dad,” exclaimed Pokin. “Should we open it now?” Pebble was snoring. As not to wake him up they shuffled to a ledge about 5 metres away once they opened the haversack to reveal  a long light parcel wrapped in linen.


As they opened it they realised it was a katarner with its folded metal iron and filigree fit for the finest of kings. It has a sharp retractable blade and the leather sheath, which was indestructible. The diamond was forged by the mountain dwarfs many moons ago.


After a soundless night sleep the treo gaverd there things and headed off to the ridgeback hills it was only half a day away finally they were there but so where there a barricade of them 

Chapter 3

With a flash, what had appeared to have been a creepy shadow, stood tall. It was the Gorm leader. His shiny, iron armour was strong and  unbreakable. Suddenly, Perry crawled down as low as she could. Perry saw tiny iron spikes on the Gorm’s hand and a tattoo of a black skull. The Creepy Gorm screeched a warning alarm and within a second.


With the sight of clanking armour cawing. The trio rabbits ran  fast as they can from danger behind them. After many hours of travelling, their feet were tired. We need to find something to stop soon,said Pierre, we can’t even go further. Paden found a cave.


Pulling back the poison ivy, the trio rabbits peered inside. It was night, dusty and covered in spider webs, but it was most important to be safe. It needs to be safe. But it didn’t look like there were any visitors here for a reason. Intersently, they rushed inside, pulling the spider webs of their clothes. They collected water from the river for the trip.


Snuggling together for warmth, they lay down on the floor to get a rest. At that moment, Perry had thought see something on the window, she asked. Pierre had forgotten that Paden was snoring. Being careful not to wake him up, Perry wrapped a dirty piece that could possibly be important for his father.


Ripping off the final piece of cloth,their eyes saw something very nice to defeat the Gorm. was a single arrow,with an electric tip. A piece of wood fell on the ground, Paden grabbed it.


Chapter 3

Not long after immensely loud thumping, the hole had given in and the rabbits were forced to run. They tried twists and turns to try and get away but just couldn’t lose the Gorm. Eventually, they did manage to lose the Gorm, or that’s what they thought! The trio, digging holes upwards to get out of the underground, when the rampage had started once again. The Gorm did not give up. They went from digging normally and slowly to digging rapidly, frightened that whatever it was behind them would get them. Soon, they got out onto fresh land again and not far behind was the Gorm. 


It was Blairlord, the king of the Gorm. He was wearing a dark coloured iron helmet and a very large oversized pinafore made of fox skin. On top of the pinafore above his hips, lay a tight belt made of snake skin; the belt had baby rabbit skulls. Swiftly, Blairlord charged towards the trio with a smirking look. Blairlord waved his sword at Pebbles, meteoric Pandora picked up Pebbles and ran, Pedro was trying to keep up but was struggling. They ended up in a lost village towards the west and stayed in a massive cabin left by troupes of Gorm. To get into the burrow it was a struggle as the overgrown weeds covered the entrance and made it hard to get in .


With the sound of Bairlord’s armour clanking and making rough noises repeating in their heads. The dangers that were in their world were petrifying, Pebbles is only at the age of one and a half and he and his siblings have to risk their lives and fight for the rest of the rabbits to live their lives in the future. Every move they make scares them every sound they hear makes them shiver.


Soon they came across a quiet abandoned hut, hidden by a large thick tree and long thick grass in front of it. The hut looked like it hadn’t been used in a very long time and it was covered in stringy cobwebs that stick to you. The hut looked old and weathered, maybe it was twenty years old. The wood was moulded and dry and didn’t look like it would last another twenty years. 


Inside the hut was dusty and dark and covered in cobwebs. It took a long time for the trio to get used to the fact that this is where they will be living for a couple of days. To let the light in Pandora set Pebbles out to catch a firefly in a jar so that they could see what they were doing. By the time Pedro had got back,Pebbles was fast asleep on the sofa, snoring really loud. Both of the rabbits had not enough energy to move far. In the cream coloured cupboards Pandora had found some berries and crackers enough to snack until the morning. Pedro and Pandora were really hungry so they didn’t really care if the food was out of date. 


Not long after eating,the trio was all fast asleep snuggling under Pandora’s jacket for warmth. In the morning, when everyone was awake Pedro felt different, he felt  like there was something new going on around him. Soon on Pedro’s belt, he noticed something, something different. There awaited a staff, an old, ancient staff, which was covered in vines and weeds. The staff had probably not been used in years,since the last great battle. Then it struck Pedro, this was his Grandfather’s magic staff; it was passed down when he passed for the future chiefdon. Immediately, Pedro showed Pandora it, she gasped with shock. “Wow I remember when you first received this!” exclaimed Pandora.

“I know, but I don’t get how this just got here like that?” questioned Pedro.

“Maybe it’s Grandfather’s spirit  guiding us and keeping us safe?” probed Pan.


This excited the trio, that ment all the chieftains, and ancestors in the past were all watching them and smiling down on them hoping and wishing for them to beat the gorm. A large purple gem was stuffed into the ancient staff. On the side of the staff was a letter wrapped up in a silver silk, saying that if you use this too much or overpower it, it will not work. It will turn into a broken, fake staff  if not. Do not use this for things that you don’t need or care for just be careful what you wish for. Do not let anyone use this or it will not work.


A few hours later, the trio packed their very few things and began their journey towards Mushroom Forest. To get to the Mushroom Forest it is a long trek but if that meant they were safe then they would risk everything to be safe. Soon, they started heading towards the Giant Food Hall when they realised someone else was heading there too, it was the dreaded Gorm. A whole army of them heading towards the Mushroom Forest.

Chapter 3

Petrified, the trio of rabbits started running but the chick (a baby Crow) flew too fast for them. They looked up and saw just a clump of metal that was the crow. Pin found a tree that had a giant hole in it. ”PICH HERE” Pin screamed. Quickly, they all ran to the hole in the tree.They were safe from the chick since it found it hard to see because of all the iron on its head. All of a sudden, a spider crawled along Pich’s face, she was terrified of spiders. “AAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Pich screamed. In a blink of an eye, Groot the Gorm leader was standing in front of them!!! He had A giant rabbit skull on his belt and a pin on the upper part of his left arm that said I am the king.


With a pinch of luck a crash happened which distracted Groot they took their shot and ran. With the sound of metal clanking behind them they ran faster.”h h how much longer?”Pin said while barely being able to speak,”I cant go much longer.”


After a long time of running, they slowed down after noticing that the Gorm were not close any more. ”We need to find a place to rest,”Pich said.”yuon, yuon, yuon” Pier said, pointing to the floor. Suddenly, Pin walked into a house covered in trees.The trio  stopped to rest there.


The three kittens tried to open the large door but it was too hard. Pich and Pin had to barge open the door. Pich was welcomed by a spider web to the face. It must have been unused in ages because of how many cobwebs and how much dust there was. Sweeping the dust of a sofa, the three kittens sat down.”Dinner time,”Pich said. Happily, they ate the rest of their food.


“Pin, what in the goddess is this?” Pich asked. She took out a rectangular shaped parcel, she could feel the points of many spikes, currently covered by the cloth. Pin snatched it off her and carefully opened it, caught a glimpse of a rusted metal corner. ”Well this looks useless,” Pin said, ”Pich, are you sure you did not put it in the bag?”

“I know I didn’t, I only put food and one extra pair of clothes for Pier.”

Noticing that it was bent, Pin unfolded it. ”An axe?” he said, puzzled.

Pich noticed that it said something, she read out aloud, ”Minoura.”

“Probably the name of the axe,” Pin shouted over the birds.Then on the cloth the two of them read in their heads,`This is a special axe called Minoura. Use it for good and it will always  come back. You may have already noticed but it can bend but don’t worry it is very sturdy. There is one downside to Minoura it can not cut through iron, everything else it will cut through it like soft butter.’


After a long night’s sleep they packed up all their things and headed to Sad sand.There was only one more hill to climb then they would be there. Half-way up, while standing in the bluebells, they saw an unwanted guest. The Gorm in front of the secret doorway. Standing in the exact door way that they needed to use.

Chapter 3

All of a sudden, there was a scream from downstairs. It was Pipkin, she rushed up the stairs yelling for help. Pookin asked, “What happened?” Though Pipkin was too traumatised by what she had seen. Then without a flash, she grabbed the defeated rabbits’ sword and smashed the window, there was a big boom of thunder. Pipkin snatched Pookin’s hand and with no hesitation, leaped out the window tumbling to the ground. Most of the rabbits hurried out of the Inn. Meanwhile, warriors got ready to battle. 


The remaining rabbits inside were also Gorm members and joining them was their squad leader Manky, who was wielding a blood-filled sword, grinded his teeth and roared, “May the battle begin!” So all the warriors ran into battle, half of them being impaled on impact. The entire town was being evacuated and Pipkin, Pookin and Pebbles sprinted out as fast as they could,  but what the town did not know was that the Gorm was waiting for them.


With sounds of screams and the horrible sound of clanking metal chasing after them, the band of rabbits fled as fast as they could. After hours and hours of running, they had finally spotted the entrance of a dark and gloomy cave smothered in leaves. Unfortunately, the entrance was blocked by logs. After another few minutes of running, they had eventually reached the entrance, though they could not get in.


Eventually, Pipkin found a hole in one of the logs which all three of them were able to fit through, though they had to go in one by one. Pipkin put Pebbles in her tunic and started to walk through. When she got in,there were leaves scattered all over the floor. Then Pookin nervously walked through with some wood he found and the log was shorter than he expected it to be. He saw Pipkin and hurried over to her and laid down the wood on the ground. With a wisp of luck, one piece of the wood set off a lot of traps, which were under the leaves. Pipkin said ”So that’s why there’s so many leaves.” After a few minutes, they started up a fire and began to cook the food that they had brought with them from the inn. After the food had been cooked, they ate which filled them up for the night.


The band of rabbits snuggled together for more warmth. They were talking about what happened back at Cliffside Claw and how the Gorm raided it. Pookin was wondering what else was in their sack they brought from home. There was another bagin the sack, so he grabbed it and took the item out of the old, ragged bag. Pookin thought that it was just a hilt to a weapon and the blade had fallen off. Pipkin looked over to see Pookin playing with it and then she recognised it was one of father’s treasures. Pipkin explained to Pookin that it was a powerful weapon and can slice through anything, including iron. There was a small lever on the hilt which ejected a blade  thing which had an interesting glow. Pookin figured out that it was a sabre, which made a humming noise when in use, and when swiping it around it made a whooshing sound. The three were satisfied by the sound of it.  


After a good night’s rest, the trio of rabbits set off to get to their last location. They had to climb a few hills and traverse through the witches’ water which ended them up on land. They now have to climb one more hill but once they had made it to the top of the hill they faced a big problem the Gorm, they had somehow survived the force of this place and the Gorm had a GIANT army, bigger than ever before.

Chapter 3 – The Capture

Suddenly, Pyro, Pebble and Pac heard stomping from behind them.

Then all of a sudden, out of the overgrown hedge came Steve, the caretaker from Island Warren, he had come with a gift.

“Please don’t do that again, I thought you were the Oredigger tribe,” whispered Pyro.

“I won’t but here is an axe. It can damage anything and break it, but it only has five more uses, so use it wisely,” warned Steve. “Also they are coming so RUN!”


Confused by what Steve had said, the trio sprinted as fast as their little legs could carry them. As it was so humid that day, they could see shadows, but not their own. It was the orediggers! Like they were in the army, they crawled through the vines.


As quick as lightning, the Orediggers tore down the hedges like men who chopped down trees in the ancient times! They grabbed the young rabbits and forced them inside an iron bag.


Inside the strong, iron bag, the rabbits were considering cutting it open. As quiet as they could, they mumbled a plan. Every so often, a violent, metal foot kicked the bag and a raspy voice yelled, “All I can hear is muffled voices, so BE QUIET!” 


Nervously, the young, agitated rabbits tour vigorously through the bag. Like a knife going through butter, the axe sliced the bag in half and the rabbits crawled out the kidnappers bag and they crouched along, avoiding anything that made a noise.

Realising that they were going the wrong way, Pac turned around.

CRUNCH! He stood on a twig.

“Oh no!” whispered Pyro.

“I’m hungwy” announced Pebble.

“shhhh.” answered Pac.


Nervously, the three young rabbits got up, but behind them marching, like a marching band, the Oredigger Tribe were behind them! Like picking up rubbish from the floor, the tribe got hold of the rabbits and shoved them in a more secure bag. Also, they placed more members to guard the kidnapped rabbits.


Pyro, Pebble and Pac, were well and truly stuck!


Chapter 3 – The capturing

Chapter 3 – The capturing


While Rykou and Redge were running through the caves to catch the rabbit who was holding Roscoe, Rykou suddenly tripped over.
“Ahh!” he screamed. 

Seeing what he tripped over, Redge was crying, it was a lump of painted rock (painted gold). “Oi frown face!” shouted Rykou. 

The rabbit turned round and grunted. He threw the gold in front of the rabbit. He dropped Roscoe and he quickly made a run for it. Redge was happy and cheered, so they all quickly ran out of the burrow. It was a sandy mess but they saw the sea in the distance, Roscoe and Rykous both shared a thought for a moment. They had to have gone through an alternative exit.


As soon as they had left and were out in the sandy winds, Redge was shouting, “Raft, raft raft.”
Then Roscoe saw a raft in the distance just as Rykou saw it. The trio of rabbits quickly hurried over trying to ignore the sand being splashed in their faces but luckily they kept up a good pace and were hopeful that nothing would stop them. 


Later that day, they were very close to the sea (almost at the beach) and a spike trap appeared and copper spiked up, almost hitting them, but blocking their path. The rabbits mother told Rykou secretly that they should take a special gift for Roscoe. Rykou picked it out and showed Roscoe it was an orange katana. 

“Yay ” cheered Redge.

 “You think it can break through the copper spikes?” asked Roscoe.

 “I don’t know,” responded Rykou. 

So Roscoe sliced it and then it cut the spike clean in half, so they quickly ran over to the raft. But first they found a paddle and Rykou held onto it in case they might need it later.


As soon as they had arrived  they swiftly put Redge down and then they started paddling away to elderwood forest because there was a mystery there. After about an hour of rowing it was just in view but really far away. Redge was sleeping Roscoe was just lying there motionless sleeping with Redge. Rykou sighed just as Roscoe woke up and yawned (and done this face🥱), Rykou said loud but not too loud to wake up Redge

“Come on sleepyhead come and paddle so we can get there faster.”

“Fine!” replied Roscoe.

So they continued rowing and rowing and still rowing until they could see the great log for real.

“They say it tastes like carrots carved of wood.” said Rykou

“Mmmmmmm” said Roscoe.

About an hour later they were finally there.

“Oh thank goodness nothing stopped us getting here” said Roscoe with a sigh.

But at the same time they did not know the mysterious warriors were on the other side of the island. But just as they were about to enter the forest someone or something pulled them down into the sands, to reveal a secret underground bunker the thing that pulled them down was wearing a mask so it remains a mystery. The three rabbits were shocked and all said in a whispered unison

“Hello….?” (with a shocked face 😱).