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I’ve Never…

I’ve Never…

I’ve never floated out to sea,
but  I have swam  amongst  the fish in the Little Ouse.

I’ve  never travelled to Poland,
but I have visited  Hunstanton in Norfolk.


I ‘ve never climbed Mount Everest, 

but I have rolled down a fake grassy hill.

I’ve never…

I’ve never ran across the Sahara desert,

but I have jogged through Thetford Forest.


I’ve never eaten Escargot in France,

but I have had ruby, red, raspberries melt on my taste buds in the summertime.


I’ve never swam with pretty, pink boto dolphins,

but I have paddled with minnows at Santon Downham river.


I’ve never heard a wolf howl to the moon,

but I have listened to a Welsh pony neigh into the sunset.


I’ve never been stung by a blu ray jellyfish,

but I have been stung by a bumblebee at High Lodge, while licking a strawberry flavoured icelolly.


I’ve never touched a lion at Colchester Zoo, 

but I have stroked a crow’s wiry black feathers.


I’ve never caught sight of a chicken fly to the moon,

but I have seen a majestic peacock spread out its feathers at Hall Farm.


I’ve never heard a brown bear talk,

but I have listened to Mrs Baxter shout at the children in my class for talking.


I’ve never swam with baby tigers,

but I have gone swimming with my friends at Snt Helen’s river.


I`ve never

I`ve never tasted the queen bee’s honey,

but I have eaten the luscious sweet honey made from her workers and then sold in the Market Square.


I`ve never visited Mount Everest and observed the snow glittering in the morning sun,

but I have spotted the sequin stars glistening in the Asian night.


I’ve never spoken to my guinea pigs Coco and Oreo,

but I have heard the squeak to me for their one and only Sainsburys spinach.


I`ve never seen the queen in the violet dress,

but I have spotted my mum in her purple dress on a night out.


I`ve never counted to a million in my bedroom,

but I have experienced hundreds of cars in Thetford Tescos`s car park.


I`ve never seen a cow jump over the moon,

but I have caught sight of my horse charge over a fence.


I`ve never run ten mile marathon, 

but I have jogged up Little Lodge Farm with my dog.

I’ve never…

I’ve never raced a Cheetah,

but I’ve chased Ethan and Jack through the school field.


I’ve never seen a desert covered by sunlight,

but I’ve detected poor, dry plants pleading for sunlight.


I’ve never met an Egyptian Pharaoh,

but I’ve encountered Mr.Baxter on my first time in Year 5. 


I’ve never dived into the Pacific Ocean with sharks,

but I’ve swam in the River Ouse.


I’ve never soared through the sky like a Hawk,

but I have travelled inside an aeroplane to Ibiza. 


I’ve never captured a Lily of the Valley,

but I’ve collected an Ipheion for my dad.


I’ve never hugged a small griffin,

but I have stroked a tiny macaw.


I’ve never witnessed a lion hopping,

But I’ve viewed my aunt’s dog, Buster, excited.


I have never captured a venomous snake,

but I’ve contained a small, dirty worm.


I’ve never felt a polar-bear’s thick fur,

but I’ve felt Madi’s cuddly jacket, as furry as a lion’s mane.


I’ve never

I’ve never swam with dolphins,

but I have ridden my horse down Wangford Road .


I’ve never visited Buckingham palace and sung a duet with the Queen,

But I have travelled to Felixstowe with my mum and my nan.


I’ve never ran a marathon,

but I have played crazy golf with my family in Wales and got a hole in one.


I’ve never eaten a hammerhead shark,

but I have tasted a huge bright, ruby red seedy strawberry.


I’ve never seen a cat doing an astonishing magic trick, 

but I have seen a monkey climb up a long bit of rope.


I’ve never been to the extraordinary coast of South America, 

but I have visited London with my family.


I’ve never viewed a volcano erupting,

but I have glimpsed a majestic peacock stroll down Wangford Road.



I’ve never …

I’ve never eaten clams while surfing in America,

but I have picked pears off my grandad’s tree.


I’ve never been to Canada for a week,

but i have travelled to Colchester zoo.


I’ve never swam with dolphins free in the sea,

but I have paddled with minnows in Santon Downham.


I’ve never experienced rock climbing,

but I have tried Clip n’ Climb in Cambridge.


I’ve never tasted beef from my dads kitchen,

but I have devoured a portion of fish and chips at the Seaside.


I’ve never played football at Liverpool Anfield Stadium,

but I have taken part in badminton at Forest Academy.


I’ve never…

I’ve never ridden a raptor while juggling fifteen basketballs,

but I have driven a golf buggy at Feltwell golf club.


I’ve never travelled to the Sahara desert while riding a camel,

but I have journeyed to Spain with my family.


I’ve never observed a cheetah running with a Labradoodle,

but I have seen two Labradors sprinting after a squirrel.


I’ve never seen a dinosaur dancing to the Barny song,

but I have glimpsed at Scarlett performing to Blackpink.


I’ve never observed at a triceratops bashing up against a tree,

but I have witnessed my Labradoodle called Honey whack up against a door.


I’ve never felt a baby elephant from Africa,

but I have a little goat from my aunt’s friend’s farm.


I’ve never smelt the aroma of dumplings cooking in the walls of China,

but I have inhaled the smell of a freshly baked cake coming out of my Nans oven.


I’ve never heard a wolf howl the the moon in Brandon,

but I have witnessed a husky crying in Brandon Country Park.


I’ve never walked up a ladder to a treehouse in Yarmouth,

but I have strutted up the stairs of my aunt’s house.

I ve never

I’ve never jumped into a volcano while doing  a front flip,

but I have launched myself into a pool at Mia’s house.


I’ve never been to Australia while playing the drums,

but I have travelled to Spain and played the piano.


I’ve never seen a dinosaur dancing to the Barny music,

but I have glimpsed Mia dancing to Shawn Mendes.


I’ve never  heard a tadpole screaming at the rain,

but I have listened to a dog barking at a stranger.


I’ve never been to Felixstowe and jumped in the sea,

but I have wandered to Thetford swimming pool.


I’ve never set eyes on a rat or a mouse,

but I have seen a labrador Lola jumping around for a treat.


I’ve never been to Noemi’s house and played with her,

but I have travelled to Mia’s and Bella’s house and frolliced.


I’ve never watched Disney plus movies,

but I have viewed Sam and Cat on Netflix.

I’ve never

I’ve never travelled to Russian palace,

but I have driven to a famous pizza restaurante.


I’ve never seen a chameleon camoflage in the forest,

but I have watched a dolphin jump in the water.

I’ve never….


  I’ve never swam in  the canals of Venice,

but I have been  for a paddle in my grandparent’s swimming pool.


I’ve never watched meteorites come from space,

but I have seen shooting stars at San Pietro beach in Italy.


I’ve never surveyed Mount Etna while blowing lava,

 but I have seen my volcano experiment explode.


I’ve never caught sight of a dragon,

but I have seen the wu long dance.


I’ve never spoken with a grizzly, 

but I have heard Boris Johnson give a speech on TV


I’ve never ridden in a Lamborghini, 

but I have bought my brother a toy car for his birthday.


I’ve never eaten in an expensive restaurant,

but I have devoured pizza at Pizza Hut.


I’ve never tasted red wine,

but I have drank grape juice out of a carton.


I’ve never hugged a baby elephant,

but I have cuddled my newborn kitten.