I’ve never…

I’ve never raced a Cheetah,

but I’ve chased Ethan and Jack through the school field.


I’ve never seen a desert covered by sunlight,

but I’ve detected poor, dry plants pleading for sunlight.


I’ve never met an Egyptian Pharaoh,

but I’ve encountered Mr.Baxter on my first time in Year 5. 


I’ve never dived into the Pacific Ocean with sharks,

but I’ve swam in the River Ouse.


I’ve never soared through the sky like a Hawk,

but I have travelled inside an aeroplane to Ibiza. 


I’ve never captured a Lily of the Valley,

but I’ve collected an Ipheion for my dad.


I’ve never hugged a small griffin,

but I have stroked a tiny macaw.


I’ve never witnessed a lion hopping,

But I’ve viewed my aunt’s dog, Buster, excited.


I have never captured a venomous snake,

but I’ve contained a small, dirty worm.


I’ve never felt a polar-bear’s thick fur,

but I’ve felt Madi’s cuddly jacket, as furry as a lion’s mane.


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