I’ve never…

I’ve never ran across the Sahara desert,

but I have jogged through Thetford Forest.


I’ve never eaten Escargot in France,

but I have had ruby, red, raspberries melt on my taste buds in the summertime.


I’ve never swam with pretty, pink boto dolphins,

but I have paddled with minnows at Santon Downham river.


I’ve never heard a wolf howl to the moon,

but I have listened to a Welsh pony neigh into the sunset.


I’ve never been stung by a blu ray jellyfish,

but I have been stung by a bumblebee at High Lodge, while licking a strawberry flavoured icelolly.


I’ve never touched a lion at Colchester Zoo, 

but I have stroked a crow’s wiry black feathers.


I’ve never caught sight of a chicken fly to the moon,

but I have seen a majestic peacock spread out its feathers at Hall Farm.


I’ve never heard a brown bear talk,

but I have listened to Mrs Baxter shout at the children in my class for talking.


I’ve never swam with baby tigers,

but I have gone swimming with my friends at Snt Helen’s river.


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