I’ve never

I’ve never swam with dolphins,

but I have ridden my horse down Wangford Road .


I’ve never visited Buckingham palace and sung a duet with the Queen,

But I have travelled to Felixstowe with my mum and my nan.


I’ve never ran a marathon,

but I have played crazy golf with my family in Wales and got a hole in one.


I’ve never eaten a hammerhead shark,

but I have tasted a huge bright, ruby red seedy strawberry.


I’ve never seen a cat doing an astonishing magic trick, 

but I have seen a monkey climb up a long bit of rope.


I’ve never been to the extraordinary coast of South America, 

but I have visited London with my family.


I’ve never viewed a volcano erupting,

but I have glimpsed a majestic peacock stroll down Wangford Road.



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