I ve never

I’ve never jumped into a volcano while doing  a front flip,

but I have launched myself into a pool at Mia’s house.


I’ve never been to Australia while playing the drums,

but I have travelled to Spain and played the piano.


I’ve never seen a dinosaur dancing to the Barny music,

but I have glimpsed Mia dancing to Shawn Mendes.


I’ve never  heard a tadpole screaming at the rain,

but I have listened to a dog barking at a stranger.


I’ve never been to Felixstowe and jumped in the sea,

but I have wandered to Thetford swimming pool.


I’ve never set eyes on a rat or a mouse,

but I have seen a labrador Lola jumping around for a treat.


I’ve never been to Noemi’s house and played with her,

but I have travelled to Mia’s and Bella’s house and frolliced.


I’ve never watched Disney plus movies,

but I have viewed Sam and Cat on Netflix.

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