I’ve never….


  I’ve never swam in  the canals of Venice,

but I have been  for a paddle in my grandparent’s swimming pool.


I’ve never watched meteorites come from space,

but I have seen shooting stars at San Pietro beach in Italy.


I’ve never surveyed Mount Etna while blowing lava,

 but I have seen my volcano experiment explode.


I’ve never caught sight of a dragon,

but I have seen the wu long dance.


I’ve never spoken with a grizzly, 

but I have heard Boris Johnson give a speech on TV


I’ve never ridden in a Lamborghini, 

but I have bought my brother a toy car for his birthday.


I’ve never eaten in an expensive restaurant,

but I have devoured pizza at Pizza Hut.


I’ve never tasted red wine,

but I have drank grape juice out of a carton.


I’ve never hugged a baby elephant,

but I have cuddled my newborn kitten.

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