I`ve never


I’ve never ran 50mph around the whole world,

but I have raced down a football pitch at the Leisure Centre.


I’ve never ridden a unicorn on a rainbow road,

but I have travelled on an electric scooter to the park.


I’ve never soared over New York in a blue aeroplane ,

but I have flown to America for a holiday.


I’ve never kissed a Tasmainian tiger,

but I have hugged a wooden pole at school.


I’ve never heard a T-rex roar,

but I have listened to my dog Nala whimper.


I’ve never jumped of a Russian palace roof,

but I have done a flip at Gravity.


I’ve never hugged a polar bear,

but I have cuddled my mongrel dog called Nala.


I’ve never had tea with the Queen at Galvin La Chapelle in London,

but I have visited High Lodge for a picnic with my family and friends.


I’ve never kissed a mystical dragons back,

but I have swung the pole at the park.

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