Behind a door

       !Behind a door!    

Go and open the Pine door,

maybe there is a cold cucumber

waiting for you ,

the long green grass waving goodbye or 

green leaves fading to the ground.


Go and open the Lapis door,

maybe there is a blue ocean spinning round,

the joyful sky watching over you or a 

small sized coat waiting to be put on.


Go and open the Carrot door,

maybe there is a farm of hard carrots ,

the oranges from a tree far far away or a hungry 

fox hunting rabbits to feed her family .


Go to the chocolate door,

maybe there is a warm coffee waitting 

for someone,

the wood cut down from a fat spiky tree or 

a tired chocolate chip getting eaten.


Go to the apple door,

maybe there is a tomate getting squished,

a red overpowered face about to pop of or a 

fully red flag wiggling about.


Go and open the ink door,

maybe a shy shadow behind you,

the world’s blackest paint spilt on a white carpet

or a midnight sky lacking away.


Go and open the frost door,

maybe a white ghost flying about ,

a disappointed paper getting ripped up 

or a white watch on your hand ticking.


Go to the amethyst door,

maybe a purple necklace on your neck,

the best smell of lavender flowers in your room

or a purple crayon laying on the side.

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