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The Mushroom-Tarantula is critically endangered and is now very rare to find. This creature is so venomous and the scientists are trying to catch one.




On top of its head is a magical mushroom hat with lazer plants growing out of it. It also has: a rock hard, stone forehead; black beady eyes staring into your soul; it can grow to about 10 cm long.


Dangerous Features:


Whenever the tarantula gets near you or you get near it, the body can start turning spiky and can become poisonous (to kill you). When they’re baby tarantulas they grow venomous stingers – if you get stung you either faint or die- so beware of those. As they crawl their legs grow thorns on the end to protect themselves from their predator. Be careful, and never NEVER touch their mushroom because you could get bitten or even poisoned.


Habitat and Diet:


The tarantula enjoys their dark spaces, where it’s gloomy and wet. They especially love it if it’s cramped and squished in small spaces. They are likely to be seen near a crocodile swamp, where they munch on leftover snake skin, and drink swamp water. It can be very talented and can manage to take a bite of their mushroom hat which is healthy for them.


Predators and Prey:


The tarantula aims for its prey – which is a snake- a peculiar animal for a tarantula’s prey. Their predator  is a crocodile which is bad for them because they drink from a crocodile’s swamp. The most extraordinary thing about the Mushroom-Tarantula is that it’ll hide when a baby crocodile frightens it. Do you think you’ll ever find one?

The Demi-Ash-Crawler

  The demi-Ash-Crawler



The demi-Ash-crawler is critically endangered, it’s extremely rare to see one, there are only four left in the world. It is a deadly creature, if you ever see one don’t touch it, it will kill you.



Surprisingly, the demi-ash-crawler has giant claws that can dig into the ground and hold him up so he doesn’t fall. It also has mouldy, canary yellow teeth that are as sharp as knives as well as burnt marks from ash and fire.


Dangerous features

Terrifyingly, the creature has a sharp, thin body. The demi-ash-crawler has really small eyes; they are even smaller than a snakes. It can breathe out two hundred and seven ashes a day. It can make an invisible protective barrier to save/protect himself from death.



Like a spider, the demi-ash-crawler climbs up the walls with his forty-six legs. It sleeps twenty-five minutes a week on a Thursday. Have you ever noticed that it can run across a whole field in less than five seconds? (which is very fast)



The most extraordinary thing about the demi-ash-crawler, is that it drinks more than twelve cans of coke a day, it also drinks blood (human blood only). It eats newborn babies and snakes on top of that it also eats lizards and geckos. Weirdly, it has a big appetite and can eat more than three babies a day! They sneak into graveyards and dig holes until he finds a baby to eat

The stabbing butterfly



The  stabbing butterfly  looks nice and innocent  but it is not. It absolutely hates humans and you rarely  see it because it camouflages so you can’t spot it.It looks like a dragon in the air and it has black wings for the dark and it also  eats leftover snake skin.


Dangerous Features


It has a menounos tail that will kill you in 0.1 second  and has a  force field around it  so you can’t take it  or kill it.It has  horns that are sharp as knives that will poison you.The monster has antennas that can see anything and eyes on the wings for dark,and it has black wings that if you touch them you get shocked and then you pass out.




The extraordinary animal you can find  them in the trees but they are born and hatched in these big bushes or in caves deep in the forest it usually leaves it family at the age of 5 or 6 and  lives in a new home it usually does not like  the light or  sun it  likes dark places and shelter so it doesn’t get wet because if it does then  it won’t be able to fly.




This animal is  tremendously dangerous. I would not recommend  you go in the forest or near it. Even  if you enter the forest the wicked creature will not have it. It will just fly at you and aim  directly into your  heart so it permanently kills you  and it will  eat your flesh and bones, organs ,hearts , lungs! Beware if you see it  i would run and not stop running.

Te Octo-scopio

The octo-scorpio has become very endangered over these years so they are very hard to find. This creature is very weird looking that some people have waited their whole life to see it.




The octo-scorpio has an octopus hat which is covered in rainbow sukers this helps the octo-scorpio to help catch prey.


This type of specimen has a fly body and eyes so he can see in all directions.


Have you seen this creature?


Diet and Habitat


If you are a mammal I would recommend staying far far away from the octo-scorpio because it only eats mammals that are living and not dead because he doesn’t like the rotten flesh, skin,fur and nails/claws.


The octo-scorpio lives outdoors in the county park and only there nowhere else.




This horrid creature is very very dangerous because he can walk on his head,which means all of his really powerful features can take over for him.


Surprisingly, this specimen is not very friendly but when he is with reptiles all he wants to do is play and make friends with them.


  Dangerous features

The octo-scorpio has two enormous blood suckers so he can instantly get the blood all out of the mammals faster and when he is full the venomous sprayer comes in handy.  



The Waspion

The Waspion has become critically endangered and nowadays it is very rare if you see one out and about. It is such a dangerous creature but a beautiful one as well. Sientices now wait their whole lives to spot one. 




Amazingly, the Waspion has; tiny red eyes that allow it to see in all directions, miniature red scales that are rough when you run your hand along them and eight furry legs which allow it to run really fast. Below the top half of its body, it has black and yellow bottom with long stingers on the end! It has blood red, yellow and black coloured skin and at the front of its head it has long antennae that help it smell and feel in front of it.


Habitat and diet


Interestingly, the waspion likes the smell of bins and the heat that comes out of it. Therefore when you’re at home be careful a Waspion doesn’t jump out at you. Beware! The Waspion loves bugs and left over food that you leave in the bins. But most of all the Waspion loves to drink sewage water and eat furry tarantulas that crawl around at night.




The Waspion amazingly lives up to 30 years of age and if it is lucky it will be able to live up to an average of 36 years of age. Scary the Waspion has bright eyes that stare into your soul and is able to grow to the size of a fully grown squirrel. Another fun fact about them is that they can run faster than a car.


Dangerous features


The most extraordinary thing about the Waspion is its long dangerous pedipalps. They help it get its prey. When the pedipalps grab hold of its prey it is either to crush it to death or hold it still so the Waspion can sting it. It has a venomous stinger which is used when it feels threatened or to get its prey. On the end of it it has three long and pointy venomous stingers. The peculiar thing about the Waspion is its lazer eyes which are only used to kill humans if it doesn’t work with the stinger.

The Dreamcatcher-Dragonfly



The Dreamcatcher-Dragonfly is a mystifying creature to learn about,zoologists have said the creature is unknown for what it can do.I hear you say,how are we going to know what it looks like?Well contrary to popular belief if you read on you will know.




Well this creature has unusual creatures:
glowing yellow stars as antennas;the lower part pitch black with a estatic star,a persian blue and a violet thorax and a midnight black head.




The unusual beast feeds on earwigs, rhinoceros beetles and a Shadow-fly earwig although the dreamcatcher-dragonfly can get killed by it.




The dreamcatcher-dragonfly normally flies along the lake of Xochimilco,which is nestled in between the rocks with axolotls.

The indopede



The Indoped is an extraordinary creature and is very unlike other insects.It has only been discovered earlier this year and a group of Zoologists have been studying this creature day and night for the past 10 months and have made some amazing discoveries on this creature such as how deadly it is,its behaviour,where it lives and its diet so if you want to find out about this creature then read the text below.




Amazingly,this creature wears armour and it is covered in ancient runes that are aa glowing white colour.This species also has spikes on the bottom of its body and long antennae which alert it if it’s going to get stuck.It also has a stinger on the top of its head.The indopede has a dark red,head and black and white armour.


Special Abilities


The indopede has a lot of special abilities so I am going to tell you a few.To start off,its armour is strong enough to withstand a 50 foot meteor travelling at lightspeed but if you flip the indopede over it has no armour.Its second ability,is that it has a stinger on the top of its head which it can hide and unhide whenever it wants.Thirdly it has venom powerful enough to kill 505 adult african elephants.Lastly,it has legs sticky enough to rip your skin off.




The indopede,much like other insects,likes to burrow but unlike most,it lives in the savnnas in africa and i’m here to tell you why.They like it in burrows because it protects them from the heat and they dont have the risk of being flipped over and killed because they have no armour on their belly.But they come out at night because they are nocturnal.




The indopede is nocturnal which means it only comes out at night and hunts its prey then instead of in the day.Unusually it eats creatures that are almost 2 times the size of itself such as:elephants,lions,cheetahs,coyotes,hyenas and giraffes.It hunts by waiting until its prey is asleep then laches onto its throat and starts ripping it open and then crawling inside to eat out its organs while injecting excruciating venom.

The Evaporation rhino

The Evaporation rhino has become critically endangered so much there is now only one in the whole world. This creature is truly one of its kind!




The Evaporation rhino looks very similar to a normal rhino, but this species of rhino is made completely out of fire and water! (The left side is fire and the right side is water.) This creatures’ eyes are the colour of the pitch, black abyss. Its horn has also been discovered to be the sharpest horn in history!


Habitat and diet.


You may be wondering,- “what does this creature eat?”- This creature has been discovered to eat anything that is burnt or wet, but if food is really needed it will hunt down a land animal and ignite it with its fire side. This creature lives on a beach, a volcano and sleeps in caves that has lava and water inside of it.




This creature is known to be the most aggressive animal on earth! But if it doesn’t feel the need to fight it will flee to the nearest cave. If it does feel the need to fight it will charge into battle and kill whatever is in its way. Its’ eyes will glow as a warning. However, if the warning is ignored it will grow to 100m in size and stomp on the ground so the enemy runs away in fright.


Predators and Prey.


The Evaporation rhino has many different species of prey, its easiest catch is fish as they’re already extremely wet and also other animals like: shark; Frog; dolphins and even whales. But, what is terrifying about this creature is that it has no predators!

Cake Venom

The Cake Venom has become critically endangered. Soon it will be the number 1 most rare creature on this planet. This sweet creature is so rare people have been waiting their whole life just to see one.



This creature is beautiful and looks like a cupcake. They are very small and are about the size of a beetle.This creature are known for having: sharp, silky, rainbow hair; glimmering sprinkles; vibrant swirls; spiky bottom; a glossy, pink face and a cute, small eyes fitting for their white body with antenors too.



One thing about this creature that not a lot of people know, is that it’s not very pleasant to have as a pet. The reason why they are not kind is because their tiny legs can dig into your skin as well as zapping in your blood. Although it has a tiny face they have an extremely vicious bite. They have: a stinger that can lead to hospital; antenors that detect blood ; blisteringly hot body and swirls that extinguish poisonous gas.


Habitat and diet:

The Cake Venom are found at the top of very high trees because leaves are their main diet. They use their antenors to detect blood from humans since that’s what they drink. They need blood because they were created without it so they collect it. But they don’t only drink blood they also have water but mostly blood.


Predators and Prey:

The Cake Venom creature has insects as their prey but they barely eat their prey and if they do they mostly eat ants. These creatures’ predators are commonly cats and dogs but rarely get eaten because Cake Venom’s can fly and run quite fast. The most peculiar thing about the Cake Venom is that it’s tiny and can climb long things.


The Galaxy Hopper


The galaxy hopper is always on the move, this is why it has only been discovered in the past week. A team of zoologists fowned this reamarcibal creecher on a tree in a park in Glosteshere, and since then they have discovered many wonderful things. Would you know one if you came across one and is there anything crucial  you should know?   



The majority of the galaxy hoppers have a magestik skin; it is blue splattered with purple which they use for camo in the stares. Although a minority  has been seen with  dark red tinge this is said to de blood. Moreover it has muscular legs and looks raver like a  grasshopper or praying mantis on  a bigger scale. To sleep it has small hooked claws for hanging from trees like a bat. it has a spike that is 3e+7 nanometers. 


Special abilities

This amazing animal has the ability to hop to any  place or time with just a twitch of their legs. This creature has also been gifted magestik wings, a powerful jet and a rotating disk in its mouth. This is said to spin like a wheel.  The disk spins when food is placed in the mouth this object spins up to 95 mph!  



This fabulous bug is said to be living only on the very water of the stars. This is said to be a fireproof substance  which can stand up to 7000 degrees fahrenheit. This is handy for the galaxy hoppers life because they bathe in volcanoes and fight on mars. It will also eat anything that flies into its mouth like a swallow. 



It normally lives on earth but hops about the galaxy. when on earth it goes  to volcanos to relax and build stamina. it goes to mars 40% of the time and fights the mind flayers and stab beatles.