Come to the disappearing emporium by Mia N

Come to the Disappearing Emporium

Have you ever sat at home bored, wishing you were somewhere else, Like somewhere that’s not normal, that feels like a dream? Then come to ‘The disappearing Emporium’ and be delighted to have the experience of a lifetime…something that will make your life a lot happier, and be aware, This is all FREE.


Amazing, admiring, adventures await! We offer: 

  • Your imaginations to come true
  • To give you anything you wish for
  • To see everyone we can smile


Treat yourself to the time of your life, you get a free candle with a blue flame and a magical flying teddy bear that has a bright crimson red bow. There are meowing cats that can climb up and down walls and dogs that sleep under floating benches and cloud made out of candy and raining gummy droplets.


You won’t regret coming, you can ask for anything to eat and we’ll give it to you, we will take adventures straight out of ‘The book of fascination.’

Mrs Claus left and said that this was ‘A great, amazing place to come to when you’re bored, it’s like a dream come true!’


  1. Kids under 12 eat and go free
  2. You can spend as much time as you want there. As long as it’s between 1-10 hours.
  3. Young children can get prizes for free


  You can also offer to play a game with us where you ask questions and if we get it wrong we’ll give you your money back but if you get it wrong you give us £5.


I hope to call you soon, visit our website to see more details and offers. Amazing, admiring adventures await!

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