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Visit The Everywhere Emporium!


Do you never have anything to do on weekends? Do you need a change for a day or two? Do you want to see the many wonders of the world? If so, why not visit us today at ‘ The Everywhere Emporium…’ Entrance and looking around is completely FREE OF CHARGE. In addition, a trip tour shop will implant images in your brain of things that can only be found in’ The Everywhere Emporium.’


We sell a range of products including:


  •  Aesthetically pleasing jars that contain every colour of dragon’s breath
  • Never before seen images of Jesus(which are 100% real and were taken at the time when he was on earth)
  • Experience adventures that will forever spark your imagination


Treat yourself to a Pleasing and event-packed day. All of your friends are going and you wouldn’t want to be left out would you?


Come you us today and experience:


  • Limited time access to all of the doors that hold infinite wonders
  • Free food for children under the age of 10
  • LIfetime guarantee of amazement


“ I would definitely come again,” Stated Mr Barack Obama.


Magical Magnificent Mysteries await, Find us today just off the A11  exit 19,   G37 MQL or email us

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  1. I love your it is amazing!! Well done!! I think you should improve on your writing a bit like maybe some semi colons 🙂

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