Go and open the door…

Go through the shamrock door,

maybe you will see emerald leaves falling above your head, 

or birds tweeting and flying around the room.


Go through the sapphire door, 

maybe you will hear hale crashing down to the stone floor,

feeling depression waving through you.


Go through the butterscotch door,

maybe you will be able to feel soft petals,

or thick spiky stems.


Go through the lapis door,

maybe you will be able to taste sea salt lifting from the ocean,

feeling strong fear.


Go through the ash door, 

maybe you will smell smoke, 

while feeling confused.


Go through the raisin door,

maybe you will see candles burning,

or children shrieking.


Go through the umber door,

maybe you will hear pens clicking,

or laptops shutting.


Go through the canary door,

maybe you will see lightning beaming through the sky

or adults looking scared in their house windows. 


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