I Have Never

I have never wrestled Tyson Fury but I have fought my brother for my favourite toy, Snowy.

I have never climbed Mount Everest but I have chased my brother up and down the stairs.

I have never petted a cute, but fierceome tiger but I have tickled the hair on my cat’s chin.

I have never ridden on a T-Rex but I have clung on The Dragon in Lego Land for dear life.

I have never captured a fire breathing dragon but I have fished up a crayfish in Sweden.

I have never watched Godzilla attack the Avengers but I have seen Godzilla vs King Kong in the movies.

I have never bounced off the moon in space but I have gracefully fallen down a rock climbing wall.

I have never surfed a star in space but I have skidded down a muddy hill in Hartham park.

I have never visited Venus’s Rings but I have seen a hamster spin it’s wheel in a pet store.

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