My colourful doors

Go and open the magenta door,

maybe there is a pack of raspberries spilling out the packet,

or a flamingo wafting its soft wings

or a pig snorting.


Go and open an orange door,

maybe you could see a bouncy ball bouncing up and down,

or a carrot getting pealed

or a flame getting blown out.


Go and open a indigo door,

maybe you could see the sky above you,

or a butterfly swooping in your face

or an eye blinking at you.


Go and open the pearl door,

maybe you will see ice cream melting Infront of you,

or you could see the clouds floating above you

or a tennis ball being thrown about.


Go and open the brown door,

maybe you will see coconuts falling of the trees,

or cows mooing at each other

or a violin being played by someone.


Go and open the yellow door,

maybe you will see lemons being cut open,

or ducklings wandering around

or the sun glimmering in the sky.





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