question poem

What are delicate? A wet piece of paper , the baby’s first tooth and a newborn British shorthair. 

What are sturdy? A metal builder’s ladder, a wooden table and a teacher’s desk.


What are loud? The engine of an F19, an F1 car and the voices of children talking in class when they’re supposed to be quiet . 

What are quiet? A trail of an electric car, a voice of a snail and a secret aircraft hovering over Manchester. 


What is cold? An icicle, a frozen lake at midnight and Putin’s heart . 

What is hot? A pot of beef curry, hot chocolate in a wooden cabin and a tub of hot chilli con carne. 


What is smooth? A baby’s hands, a polished piece of wood and a newly painted car. 

What is rough? A pile of sandpaper , a rugged statue and an off road tyre.


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