The colourful doors

Go and open the yellow door,

maybe there will be a lot of corn,

a massive piece of butter

or the sun shining down at you.


Go and open the pink door,

maybe there will be candy floss clouds or flamingo on top of a mountain,

flying pigs above your head.


Go and open the red door,

maybe there will rose petals or strawberry bushes and a village burning down in the distance.


Go and open the brown door,

maybe there will be a chocolate fountain and a tree that grows conkers,

and bears that are friendly.


Go and open the green door,

maybe the trees are broccoli, the grass is emerald,

and it might rain leaves.


Go and open the white door,

maybe the sheep are made of snow and the clouds are sugar,

and lots of cream.


Go and open the grey door,

maybe there will be elephants or pebbles being stacked up or seals dancing on the floor.




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