The Dove-Like Doors – Alexa

Go and open the door of clean white, you’ll find the arctic, with a fox perched on a hot patch of slushy snow and a blustery blizzard swooping through the species’ fur.

Go and open the cherry red door, maybe there is a solitary maple leaf as red as scarlet in an amazing autumn sway.

Through the door of tangerine, you’ll find my merrigold maths homework book lying unsteadily like a horses confident canter.

Through the doors of butter yellow, you’ll hear the buzz of many busy bees fizzing like Mentos in a coca cola can but in their hyper hive.

Through the door of lime, you’ll see the most vibrant tennis ball bouncing to the the moon and back.

Through the door of turquoise, the invading sea will overlap the overcoming wave of power that will knock you.

Through the door of fossil purple, you’ll feel the soft feeling of lavender, surrounding you like a sparrow, making you wonder about your next adventure.

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