What is?

What is?
What are heavy? A train in a muddy bog, an Elaphant, a tall fir,
What are light? A silver spiders web, a grain of golden sand and a lushious green blade of grass.
What are big? A maze of corn and the universe,
What are small? A silent silver snowflake, the beak of a sparrow and a hair blowing in the wind,
What is cold? An ice lolly chilling in the freezer, a coin buirried in the winter ground and an icecal clinging onto a windowsil.

What is kind? A loving memory, a helping hand and a cat purring on a a silk rug,
What is harsh? An unkind word, a cat scratching your knee and a war where people die,
What are frail? A crispy, autumn leaf, a bubble floating in the summer breeze and a distant memory,
What is strong? A rope of love, a pulling friendship and anger,
What is soft? A tiger’s fur, a magpie’s feather and a leopard’s tail,
What are rough? A bumpy track, a birch tree’s bark and a hounds growl.


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