What is? By Sia

What is heavy? An unliftable sadness, slowly eating away at your heart and an African elephant stomping across the Savannah.

What is light? A frail skeleton of a leaf plummeting from a tree and luscious blades of grass in my palm.

What is cold? A cruel heart yearning for revenge and a delicate snowflake, dancing around the Northern lights.

What is hot? A dragon’s blast, gradually scorching the foliage below and a flaming chili that evilly burns your helpless tongue.

What is small? A speck of dust, disintegrating in the morning light and a petrified mouse being pursued by a hungry cat.

What is big? A gargantuan boulder swiftly descending from the tip of Mount Everest and the leaning tower of Pisa, nervously waiting to topple over at any moment.

What is lonely? A homeless girl, desperately trying not to freeze in the endless winter’s night and the feeling of being abandoned by a loved one, leaving you heartbroken.

What are together? Two butterflies dancing and hugging, destined for a happy ending and the beautiful sight of a wedding.

What is calm? A serene leaf, gently floating across a peaceful lake and an amazingly perfect yoga teacher, stretching to the shining stars.

What is stressful? Attempting to solve an impossible maths test in school and finding out that you haven’t done your homework and it’s due tomorrow!

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