What is …Zara

What is heavy ? London royal tour bus.
What is light ? A polly pocket doll.
What is big ? A mothers bag to Hawaii.
What is small ? A baby’s tooth.
What is hot ? A piece of the sun.
What is cold ?The cold moon falling down in to the earth.
What is strong ? A snider block breaking a bed.
What is frail ? A spiders web.

What is bad ? being in prison because you murdered .
What is good ? where you help old people.
What is sharp ? A sharks teeth .
What is blunt ? blunt as a butter knife.
What is long ? A snakes slivering to the finish.
What is short ? A baby’s T-shirt.
What is freezing ? cold as the Antarctic poles in the ice age.
What is warm ? A bed of lava.

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