Exceptinal Doors

Gently, go and open the teal door,

perhaps you’ll see- 

a stunning sky staring at a sapphire sea, 

a blueberry bun in a baker’s shop

or a bowhead whale blinking. 


Excitedly, go and open the orange door,

perhaps you’ll see-

a child with a basketball, 

a mother cooking carrots over a flame 

or a marmalade cat dozing in the middle of pumpkins who grin menacingly.


Quickly, go and open the yellow door,

perhaps you’ll see-

a bunch of bananas waving in the breeze,

a bar of butterscotch melting in the sun

or a lemon as bright as a daffodil.


Slowly, go and open the green door, 

perhaps you’ll see-

a fluffy cactus in the middle of the ocean, 

emerald frogs bathing under acacia trees

or lazy lizards curled up in lime trees.

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