recipe for healing unicorn blood Ella SWW

Recipe for healing unicorn blood by Ella SWW

Take a pepperoni that fell off a pizza from the cheese sliding it.
Peel a monkey’s brain open and get the liquid
Mix them both together
Pour them into a mug or can
Divide them both around 15/30 in each bowl
Sprinkle on some dragon claws into each bowl
Stir them all together until its all hard like dough
Drop it into a glass bottle and shake it for 10 minutes
Capture a griffin by using a Cerberus
Shape into a ball
Pluck all the feathers of a griffin
Repair all of the skin and throw it away
Rip off the meat and put it in
Plunge all of it together
Blend it together
Explore for any lumps
Decorate unicorn horns and mix it
Add some roots from a blood tree
Mix it in one
Then you get some healing unicorn blood

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