The amazing door’s 

Go and open the lilac door,

maybe there is a field of lavender swaying in the wind,

a pile of amethyst waiting to be mined, 

a lilac crayon that was snapped while being used.


Go and open the arctic door,

maybe you will see a field of bluebells and iris dancing in the wind,

an eye fidgeting,

the sky watching as you pass by.


Go and open the bumblebee door,

maybe you will see a crown twinkle on the kings head,

a sun rise across the horizon,

a ripe pineapple.


Go and open the flint door,

maybe you will see a shadow creep across the walls,

a jet-black cloud,

or a panther lurk amongst the shadows.


Go and open the sandstone door,

maybe you will see a pumpkin being carved,

a  sunstone lying on the ground as lonely as a cloud,

or a viceroy fly across the room. 


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