The doors of colers

Go and open the Alabaster door,

Maybe there is a row of Snowballs,

 the swirl of snowflakes dancing,

 or a fluffy white rabbit  nibbling on white lettuce.


 Go and open the ebony door,

 maybe you will see an aesthetic panther,

 a jet black gorilla eating sweet grapes,

Or a worm hole devouring your body.


 Go and open the merlot door,

 maybe you will see Santa Claus giving presents,

 a  row of a million poppies  and Roses,

or a fiery red lava oozing out of a creator.


 Go and open the berry blue door, 

 maybe you’ll see dragonflies flying,

Blue highlighters melting in the sun,

or a full Field filled with beautiful balloons.


 Go and open the Magenta door,

 maybe you’ll see a meadow of lavender,

 a purple butterfly spreading its wings,

 or a Mulberry onion making you cry.



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