The horror of mystery

Go and open the Rose door,

maybe you will a red Roses sneezing like your in love,

a fiery heater

Or red ribbons repeating a dance like a dancer.


Go and open the jungle door,

maybe you will see a soggy leaf cutting your feet,

a slimy slithering snake 

or a sweet mint getting fresh as quick as possible.


Go and open the wood door,

maybe you will see a branch wrapped around in a blanket to go to bed,

an invisible bear

or a brown costume like spider man.


Go and open the shadow door,

maybe you will hear the sound of a texas chainsaw,

a midnight shadow dinner

or a big eye eating your body in one gulp.


Go and open the midnight door,

maybe you will watch the horror of people running away,

A sharp axe

or a hammer cutting Jayson’s neck.

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