The mysterious doors

Go and open the emerald door,

maybe you’ll see a tree wrapping itself warmly like a blanket,

a set of pretty leaves

or a tin of peas with a sour stench.


Go and open the bumblebee door,

maybe you’ll see the sun at its highest point,

a banana sitting boredly and waiting to be eaten

or the queen bee stinging people painfully.


Go and open the midnight door,

maybe you’ll see horror lurking as silent as a spider,

pain striking right at your left arm

or divorce ripping rapidly at your heart.


Through the cherry door,

blood dripping from a doll’s mouth,

anger shouting louder than a tiger

hatred blowing through a haunted house.


Through the caramel door,

chocolate melting hotter than the sun,

Y5 and Y6 yearning for conkers.


Through the rosy door,

candy floss connecting through the air,

a flamingo dancing on one leg

tongues telling lots of lies.


Go and open the tangerine door,

maybe you’ll see a bowl of oranges being painted,

a basketball bouncing into the hoop

or a pumpkin staring into your soul.

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