never saw Charles

I have never seen Usain Bolt fly around the solar system

but I have seen him break the 100m world record in Rio De Janeiro.


I have never skydived from the Empire State Building in USA

but I have paraglided in Greece.


I have never met King Charles the third in Buckingham Palace, London

but I have met Mark Percival in St Helens.


I have never done the macarena on Mars

but I have danced at a disco in Wigan.


I have never visited the pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt

but I have visited McDonalds in Platt Bridge.


I have never caught a flaming fireball charging at the Earth

but I have caught a soft tennis ball.


I have never seen a person transform into an alien

but I have heard a large scream from a party.


I have never conquered Mount Everest 22 times

but I have climbed a rocky hill in Bolton.














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