Through the Door of Love

Through the Door of Love 

Through the blossom rosy, pink door, 

You will feel romance, 

And see hearts everywhere. 



Through the of tealy, sky-blue door, 

You will feel cold air, 

And see clouds in the sky. 


Though the goldy, yellow door, 

You will feel a yummy smell, 

And You will taste lemon. 


Though the limey, leafy door, 

You feel life, 

And see leaves everywhere. 


Through the Violet plum door, 

You will see glasses is everywhere, 

And you will feel glasses on your head. 


Through the orange, honey door, 

You will feel loved by the gentleman being kind, 

And you will feel a hat on your head. 


Through the yellow door, 

You will see Isabella sorting all her LOL out, 

And her room is completely yellow. 


Through the blue door, 

You will see Anna-leigh, 

Panting the room blue. 


Through the purple door, 

You will see Sophie yelling at me. 

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