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Chapter 4

Chapter 4- To the Creepy Forest then back to Brambell 

Once they got to the river, they decided to have a swim, 

“It’s cold. “cried Pook  

“I know!” said Pazkin  

“I want to get out. “groaned Pook  

“Oh no! Pook you are going blue. We’d better get you out of here.”said Pucky as she pulled him out of the river. 

“How about we all get in the river and swim to the other side so the gorm will not get us.” said Podkin. 

“That is a good idea. “whispered Paz as she climbed into the river. Pook started to look worse and worse. Once they reached the edge of the river all of them hopped out and climed the little hill. Once they got to the top. They were in the Creepy Forest. They started to walk through the forest but suddenly Podkin could hear a noise. 

“What was that noise? “asked Podkin as he scurried along the floor towards his sisters, brothers and cousins. 

“What noise?”asked Paz very confused. 

“Carrots, carrots.” yelled Pook 

“I’m extremely hungry as well Pook.” said Pucky 

“Podkin where are you going?”asked Pazkin   

“There’s a door over their behind all those bushes”said Podkin 

So, they all went through the door 

“Oh my gosh!”said Paz amazed. 

“We are back home”said Pazkin suddenly crying. 

“What do you think ma and pa will do when they see us, we have not been home for weeks and weeks.”said Podkin. 

So, they all ran to the castle of Brambell and surprised their ma and pa that night aswell as their family and friends… 


By Charlotte P5 Oyne School 

chapter 4

Chapter4   Cloven mountains


Anrwin, castle they loved it so much Pip started to run around the castle and five minutes later he was to be puffed out and went inside. He sat by the fire.  An hour later it was time to go to bed because it was so late.

In the morning Paz heard a noise so he looked out the window and saw the Gorm. They packed up and escaped Angwin castle.

They looked at their compass and, on the way, Podkin saw something called Colvin Mountain.  Next, they went and put the tent up and lived happily ever after.






Alexa/P4 9/12/22

chapter 4

Chapter 4 Tiny Time

Bob wanted to go to Coney Crossroads and Tiny Tim wants to go to so of they go to Coney Crossroads and Bob got a pot of peanut butter and tiny Tim is not having a bit of the peanut butter. Tiny Tim does not like peanut butter, and they made it to Coney Crossroads and there is a lot people.

Tiny Tim is going to get ice cream and Bob is so not happy as he gets one piece of chocolate.

In the morning they are leaving to go to Tilted Tower to kill the Gorm and Tim is so scared.  Bob is going to help but he is so.  Tiny Tim will have to kill the Gorm.

Tiny Tim killed the gorm and saved the world.


Jamie P4 Oyne Primary










chapter 4

Pas went to Blue Forest that had Moonclaw and it could defeat Scar Face. “Look!” said Pas” its Moonclaw but its in a pool of piranhas.”

“I will go to get the dagger.” said Pock. “I think it bit me on the butt, but I got Moonclaw.”

“Hooray, hooray, hooray,” shouted Pas. “Now let’s go to Scar Face Palace. Its, its,   it’s a Gorm!”

Pas shouted, “You should stab him with Moonclaw.”

“Ok Pas. Let’s go you got him we are at the palace.” said Pock” now it’s time to fight. Come and face me Scar Face like the villain you are. I combine Starclaw Moonclaw to make galaxiesord and kill you and bring peace to every creature.” T

Then the great sea best Big Gib rose from the sea and ate Lava lagoons, Weeping Woods, Pas and Pock. Or did he …


Daniel P5 Oyne School

chapter 4

Chapter 4


In what felt like the blink of an eye they were at loot lake. “Burr, I’m so cold” groaned Timmy


“Can’t believe this place is deserted,” said Bigboy.


The next day they had to go to Big Tower Town to escape the Default gang but there was a problem… “We need to get wood to build a bridge.” ordered Timmy.


So, off they went to Spooky Forest to get wood and loop around past Big mountains to build a bridge to get to Big Tower Town.


They start to go to Spooky Forest to get wood. When they were halfway through the loop they saw the Default gang with their monster.” We need to sneak past them.” whispered Timmy.


“This is so scary” whispered Bigboy


Finally, they made it to the spot to build a bridge. Once they built the bridge, they just had to cross Rickety Bridge when they stepped on it. It wibbbled and it wobbled and when they got to the other side they broke the bridge so the Default gang couldn’t get across.


Fraser P5 Oyne Primary



The full black man



Ginger ran like the wind but then he came across the Blue lake.  Ginger was losing it but then finally Ginger lost it. He jumped on the man! The man shouted “GET OFF OF ME YOU CAT!” Ginger was shocked but finally spoke “You can talk?” said Ginger but the man did not speak again.

Ginger saw a smile on the man’s face and Ginger knew that he was goanna die if he ran away.  Just as Ginger was away to get killed a bunch of cats appeared. It was Gingers family!

Ginger said “How did you know where I was?”

“I don’t matter.” said his sister. All of the cats attacked, and the man ran away.  Ginger and the cats never saw him again.




Lilly and Pipkin

Chapter 4

They climbed the rocky mountain. “This is exhausting!” said Pipkin. Pipkin was getting tired, and Lilly was tired to, but they can’t stop now because they have a long way to go.
Finely they got there. “Yep!” said Pipkin.
“SHHHHH.” said Lilly. “The gorm will hear us.” said Lilly.
“W-w-who’s the Gorm?” said Pipkin.
Pipkin did not know that the Gorm is very dangerous and anyway they needed to save their friend.
“RUNNNN!” said Pipkin.
“We need to get out of here now!” said Lilly.
Unfortunately, they got captured.

Ava P4
Oyne School

The Foxes

The Foxes

Chapter 4 The God

With lots of carved rabbits holding the weapons of the seven Gods otherwise none as magic gifts.

1 minute later Jura whispered, “We must go to the Magic Mountains where the rest of the gifts will be and the Gorm are afraid of the powerful magic.” They ran to the magic mountains but there was a big crow looking at them with its blood red eye but taking no notice they ran to the Magic Mountain.

When they arrived at the Magic Mountains, they could see the magic door… They ran to the door in it were pillars with four of the seven gifts of the gods.  When one person holds all seven gifts, they convene into the Fox god weapon more powerful than the Gods. They could not get the weapons but then Fenix said, “The Red Wood Warren gift makes you bigger. You can get them then. Just then they heard screams of the Gorms as they rushed through the forest. Jura grabbed the four gifts. Now he had to make the Fox God weapon…


Fenix look at the God weapon it was made of gold, diamonds, ruby, emerald and the stone of power “We need to get out of here before the Gorm trap us.” They rushed out to only find that they were surrounded by the deadliest Gorm ever. You could see there was thousands upon thousands of Gorm. It was terrifying but for some reason Jura was not scared.  He thought the power of the sword could take out armies, but he could not find the sword.

Fenix shouted, “Where did the sword go?”

“I do not now it must have gone into me because the sword chooses the right person to become the God of Gods.” shouted Jura

“But I’m not good I can’t be a god”

“But I will fight”


The Gorm ran to kill them Jura punched them quick as speed the Gorm came with back up.  The Gorm would not give up even if they must bring the myth of blood face to the fight. Jura ran and destroyed the armies that came until the myth came to the battlefield with the sword of the Gorm twice as powerful as one of the God’s weapons but not as powerful as the God of Gods weapon. Blood face the myth had more training.

“I will never give up and you are no match for me.” Blood face said.

“But I am the saviour of this world, and I will kill you.” Jura said

Jura ran with the power inside of him.  He made a sword with his mind, and he could destroy cities, but he would save this world does not destroy it. He was good and strong at fighting, but Blood face was better. Jura was beaten up and fell to the ground.  Then Blood face went to attack Fenix, but his sword was not there.  Jura had stolen it.  Jura said that “I am the God.” and snapped Blood face to the next world.

Harry p5 Oyne school

chapter 4

Chapter 4


They have reached Good lake. Now all they have to do is get to Weeping Woods then the Hole. “Look! “Said Van” there’s a boat.” They ran to the boat and jumped in. They started to row and like that they reached the other side of the lake.

The journey to Weeping Woods begins. Beans are raining from the sky.  Yum!  Any way they are traveling through Weeping Woods, and they see a clearance.  They run towards the clearance.  Boom!  They reached the side of Weeping Woods. Time for a long walk.   So they walked  till they finally reached the Hole.


Bradley  Oyne School

chapter 4

Chapter 4


When Peter was at the Dark Lake, he was thinking about when he gets the magical magic crown. Peter looked at the magic map. He had to go to the Lava Lake where there was a bridge.  When Peter was walking one of the planks fell so Peter fell.  He was screaming for help but… Perter got up.


Peter went to the Never-Ending Forest. It was so dark Peter couldn’t see and tripped on something.  He picked it up when he got out of the forest and looked at it.  It was a big sword.


Peter found a boat so jumped in it.  When he was paddling he couldn’t wait to get the magical magic crown if he could.


When Peter got to the magic island the waves were so bad his boat broke but he found another boat, so he had to go around to get to the dark castle.


Peter got the dark castle.  The Gorms were attacking him.  He remembered he had a sword, so he was fighting them.

Peter got the crown.  There was a plane, so he flew the plane back to Carcass and he gave the crown back to the king.  Peter was so happy to return the crown.



Kian p5 Oyne school