Recipe for a fun wonder by Ralph SWW


First, take the memory of your first day of school and sprinkle it in carefully,
slowly drop in the warmth of oozing lava
and take the hairs of an abonible snowman.

Afterwards, Sprinkle in the laughter with your friends,
the taste of warm hot chocolate
and drop in the love towards your pets.

Then, take the love towards your parents and sprinkle it in carefully,
swiftly drop in the memory of your first book you read
and carefully put in the care of young ones.

After that, dip in a spoonful of the boiling summer sun,
the refreshing of cold saltwater
and slowly peel in dragon skin.

Next, pour in the wax of a oil lantern,
the heat of boiling coffee
and dash in sprinkles of happiness.

Afterwards take a bar of chocolate that every square is unique and different,
the smell of a thick beef burger
and the feel of a fluffy grey cat.​

Then ,take the warmth of the fire after you went sledging in the ice cold snow
the swift swaying of the leaves in the soft wind
and the smell of brownies as they just come out of the oven.

Next, take the memory of your first step,
sprinkle in laughter of life and
the warm summer sun.

Finally ,mix in the warm milk of a yak
the snuggly wool of sheep,
then pour in the gift of life
and finally peel in the sides of trees.

And this wonder will make your life the funniest and finest life you can get.

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