Recipe for becoming a god Brandon sww

Recipe for becoming a god by Brandon SWW

Take a bottle full of lightning

Peel unicorn horn

Mix lightning with unicorn blood to make a glowing bubbling water

Sprinkle the sparkles of the unicorn horn into the bowl if it does not explode

Divide the horn and drop it into the bowl and then a pitcher of a god made out of smoke comes out let it melt into the bowl for five minutes

Stir it together and it will sparkle

Pour four scoops of boiling water into it

Drop ten moon rocks, one comet and five asteroids

Pluck three of a werewolf’s hair

Shape a star into a lightning bolt

Capture a space dolphin and put it’s organs into it

Rip a tridents spikes off

Plunge them in then the potion then put them in the freezer when you pick them up the ice will travel the power through you self and you will be a part god

Blend steal three times to get your strength then you are fully a god.

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