A homemade apple pie in the oven

If I were summoned

To create a treasure

I would take:


The smell of

A homemade apple pie in the oven,

The scent of vanilla  extract

And the smell of the Lavender Febreze Light Plug.


The touch of

The broad long, slotted feathers of the golden eagle

The scratch on a tree from a deadly tiger

The allergic reaction from a tarantula bite


The taste of My favourite taco sitting beside me,

The best oreo milkshake with whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle

And the most juiciest strawberry to be eaten.


The touch of 

Hair tickling me shoulder 

The uncomfortable feeling of grass stroking me

And the boiling sun punching down at me.


The sound of

Waves against rocks,

A Leaf crunching under my feet

And heavy rain on the window.

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