My treasure

If I were summoned

To create a treasure

I would take:


The sound of,

An ear-splitting,trembly screech from a whistle,

The soothing roar of a puppy able to calm anyone,

And the solid stomps of a giant,wondering.


The touch of,

The rough scales of dragon,wiggling caused by panic,

The round claws of a baby bear sinking on your skin,

And flick of a panda’s circle-like ears.


The smell of,

A fresh book and the clean air tapping inside your nose,

A new beginning,

Lilac petals descending down.


The taste of

A greasy,meaty burger tanning on a grill,

A can of sprite sizzling to escape,

And the chocolate liquid dissolves,staining my tongue.


The sight of

The different characteristics crowding me,

The footsteps of a greedy,goblin seeking for revenge,

And all the enchantment,magic and wonder of a young imagination.


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