The traditional tales

The Traditional Tales


If I were summoned 

to create a treasure,

I would take:


the strong, yellow beak of an eagle,

the black liquid from a deadly squid,

and the the a slippery scales from a piranha,


the peach sand from the bottom of the clear ocean,

the chocolate from Tescos, 

and a joyful movie in a cinema,


the volcanes screaming out lava out from the top,

the earthquake shaking your house about,

and the tornado catching the wind about,


the ruins of a crashed plane,

the dress from the 100s, 

or a metal a helmet from the Romans,


the poison apple in a warm backed pie,

a magic fork from the bottom of the ocean,

and a see through shoe,


a tunnel that leades to the moon,

the moon car fly about in the sky,

and the ring from satan running away from the sun,


the goblins dancing down stairs,

the dwarfs singing horribly while sleeping,

and the fairies spilling water,


a single note being played by a ghost,

a flying book on your head,

and the magic dust falling from the sky.



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