The wonder recipe

Take the smell of freshly cut grass  

on a dull winter morning and the 

feel of cold air as it first hits your  

face as you step out your frosty door. 


Knead the cyan sky on a warm  

summers evening and the sound  

of birds singing on a silver birch tree. 


Melt the sound of bumblebees  

buzzing around a pot of honey  

waiting for some to spill and  

the sight of ice bergs falling into  

the cold sea. 


Take a dash of the scent of lavender 

as it moves from side to side from the  

warm autumn breeze and the taste of  

sweet candy floss as it blows in your face 

and people rush by. 


Boil the atmosphere of Scotland playing 

England in a world cup final and the 

 feeling of your teeth chattering as you 

 watch a jockey trying to stay on his horse. 


Serve up with the taste of American 

pancakes full of icing sugar and the  

smell of roses as they lay on a flower  





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