The World of Wonders


I would take the sound of

the gentle, bitter rain dripping on your windowsill at night,

the sound of unique birds chirping enthusiastically in the trees

and the kettle boiling vigorously.


I would take the taste of

refreshing ice cream on a warm summer’s day,

the first sip of tea in the morning

and the taste of a sweetened donut for dessert.


I would take the smell of

fresh chips filling the air,

the smell of shampoo soaking in your hair

and a roast dinner making your mouth water.


I would take the sight of

the stars glistening in the moonlight,

people getting into the festive spirit

and stepping into your garden full of crackling crystals and cold winter snow.


I would take the touch of

a unique shell placed in the palm of my hand,

the soft sand racing through my fingers

and the feel of making snow angles in the snow.

By Erin

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