My lucky treasures



If I were ordered 

to create a treasure

I would take:


The smell of

freshly baked cookies,

a big, flaming cup of coffee 

and smoke emerging from the ground.


The sound of 

my heart pounding as the other football team scores,

the manager shouting at me after I score an own goal

and the crowd going wild after I score a goal.


The touch of 

a vibration on top of a speaker,

the soft connection between me and my dog

and the pins and needles feeling uncomfortable on your left arm.


The taste of

the cold breeze flowing through your mouth,

a slice of pizza shouting my name

and a piece of meat getting dropped on the bun.


The sight of

a beautiful sunrise at 6:30,

the snow falling on to a big forehead

and the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.


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