Question Poem


Question Poem


What are hot? Chips from the local chip shop, 

hotdog and a large volcano erupting from 

the Italian Stromboli.


What are cold? A snowman’s heart, the 

frostbite feeding the finger tips on a frosty 

day and a sparkling snowflake.


What are heavy? An engine of an aeroplane, a 

determined heart of a footballer and the double 

decker buses on the Edinburgh streets.


What are light? The heart of a winning

football team, a feathery feather of a seagull 

at Troon Beach and the strands of hair 

swaying in the wind.


What are loud? the scream of a scared child,

The glass bins tumbling along the street 

and a baby’s cry.


What are quiet? The moment when your 

sister leaves the house, a concentrating 

class and the children tip toing along

the corridor.

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