what are…..?

What are tasty? Chips covered in salt, fresh strawberries and rainbow ice-cream from the co-op.

What are gross? Fizzy drinks and freezer pizza.


What are giant? My stomach and the mall.

What are tiny? A smartie, a sparkle and a single bit of glitter.


What are funny? A dog on a log drinking a bog and a guy called Dave being eaten in a cave by a wave.

What are boring? Politics and dictionarys.


What are cool? Granny’s hair dye, a cold winter night and sunglasses.

What are uncool? Your Dad trying to look cool and a weeklong ban of minecraft.


What are dark? The sky at night, a supervillan’s heart and Daddy Pig eating bacon.

What are light? A super swooping starling who flew through toxic waste and a feather.

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