what are clever

What are hot? A Lamborghini just stolen, and a lamb chop cooked in a 160-degree oven and a pig after being cooked.

What are cold? A car’s windscreen on a winter’s morning, sausages just about to be defrosted and a snowstorm flying.

What are lonely? A baby alone in its cot in the early hours of a morning, a single leaf hanging from a tree in creepy forest and a single friend alone.

What are small? A ladybird just born in woodland forest, a little white football pitch a school and a snowflake by itself in winter.

What are vast? A lion’s roar carrying over eight kilometers of land, a person weighing over 17 stone and a gorilla swinging tree to tree in a massive jungle.

What are loud? A supercar’s bonnet ready to drive, a party with lots of music bellowing and a windstorm blowing of roof tiles.

What are full? A church when children make their first Holy Communion, Wembley Stadium when a cup final in England goes ahead.

What are clever? A person who got a plus in every class in high school, an orange and black cheetah in a colorful vast jungle and Albert Einstein making the theory of relativity.

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