(Chapter 1)(The start of the Emporium)

Hareem had always been going on adventures and her mother would always warn her that it would lead to a bad path.One breezy Tuesday,she was walking down  a dreadful sidewalk  when she had noticed something very suspicious about the Emporium.For once,the door was finally open and without really thinking about it,she stepped inside.

Everywhere she looked and saw,it was packed with wonders and things that she was desperate to touch.She saw a basket of emerald shining hanging up from the ceiling and was sparkling as a star in the sky. A little tiny torch  just the size of a miniature doll making a tiny shadow of the plant sitting right next to you.There were tons of alarms going off as if something is going to happen.Magically on one counter,a plate of biscuits and crackers and some tea sitting right there wanting to have a bite as it dreamly looked delightful to eat.There was a display with bells as shiny as a glittering bomb and a very tingly sound coming through your ear. There was also dancing dolls turned on as the lights from the ceiling turned to different colours.Bright,coloured and rainbow shaped pillows staring at you like you were the earth standing right infront of it. On one of the sides were a row of magnificent, fancy dresses.But the thing that interested Hareem mostly was a weird looking book which only had a plain green cover,she flipped the pages and saw swirly handwriting.

I see you’ve found my book of magic.” 


Hareem said in a shocked voice looking at the man standing in front of her. “Who are you?” The man in front of her had green eyes,skin-peeled mouth and a bonky nose.On his shoulder was a red parrot with red eyes as

dark and bloody like a venomice vampire would have. It shook its head at her, rudely.



dark and bloody like a venomice vampire would have. It shook its head at her, rudely.

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