The mysterys.

Laura was a giddy girl; her mum always warned her that it would lead you into trouble. One miserable Monday,she was walking to the shop down Black Berry road when she saw something unusual about the emporium.For once in a century, the gates were open, and without thinking she stepped inside!  


Everywhere Laura looked it was full of dreams and things she really  wanted to touch. Laura saw a shiny silver cage of budgies,their songs filled the shop. Fireworks casting rare and colourful colours. Lots of hand painted art forming one big art piece.On one counter, there were a bunch of  apples shining brightly.There was a display of ancient clocks,China dolls and breakable marbles. A Colourful ice cream statue  dripped from the floor like it was melting.To one side, swung a chandelier  covered in pearls and gems.


“I see you’ve found my book of mysteries.”

Hissed the angry voice. Laura screamed, shut the book and looked up at its keeper. He was an old man. He was at least over  50 years old.on his shoulder there was an eagle.

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