The Abandoned Emporium

Charlotte was a kind girl and her mother had often warned her not to stick her mind in other people’s business. One rainy morning, she was strolling down Dean Road when she heard a strange hissing  noise. As she looked around scarily, the emporium door had mysteriously opened and without thinking Charlotte snuck inside quietly. When Charlotte walked creepily inside, she looked back behind her as the door shut with a loud roar. As she walked further she saw broken magical dolls hanging from the wooden roof. There were sparkly pictures of unseen fantasy worlds and delicious mystical sweets all over the cracked wooden floor. As she went further and further she found some more displays of stitched up teddies and as she went even further she found a strangely looking cobwebbed book. But what Charlotte was mostly interested in was the old, leathery ,magical book. Don’t touch my marvellous special book!”a voice  hissed and an old woman appeared behind Charlotte , with a pet parrot sitting on her shoulder.

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