The day the door opened



Date: 16th November 1771

Have you ever noticed that some shops no one ever enters? The Everywhere Emporium was one of those shops. Although the pear white bricks sparkled in the summer’s light, not a soul entered! On the  left side of the shops boxed exterior  stood a large display which held toys playing with one another, a miniature german bomber attacing an inocent british village in the year of 1941 and a stack of transparent jars, which held never before heard secrets.

Unlike the  colourful display the entrance was gloomy and dark. Above the doorway was the face of a  19th century grandfather clock, which still chimed every 30 minutes.

Despite its magnificent display, not a soul entered, until the door was  accidentally opened…


Chapter One- The day the door opened:


Date: 3rd June 2022

George was strolling down Main Street  trying to blend in with the crowd when he noticed a shop, a shop he had never seen before.

George was often upset as he was Chad’s main punch bag. Several years ago George’s parents died in a car crash. Chad, who was the school bully, had found out  and that made George Chads number one target. Recently Chad had  been following him and knocked on George’s orphanage’s door and was bullying him out of school as well as in school.

George felt a soft breeze  as he read the doormat, which stated’ Welcome To The Emporium.’ George thought to himself’ What’s an emporium?’ Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Footsteps approached. “ Hello, this is an Emporium, this is The Everywhere Emporium.” Stated the tall gentleman standing in front of George. “ Bu.. Buua… wha…?” George stuttered. “ How may I help? My name is Mr Silva.”

George’s head turned around like a barn owl on lookout. “ I just want to have a look around.” George stated. George stumbled down a carpet covered step. Mr Silva followed him watching his every move. To George’s left was a podium  where hung a huge matte red cage holding a fired phoenix. On the opposite side sat a black bullet shell. Another untold story. George  left the right podium and went to touch the podium in the middle. “ DON’T TOUCH THAT!” Mr Silva shouted. “HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN????”


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