The Electro Emporium






There are places that no one knows about that people have never heard about and places that life doesn’t want you to find out about.


The Electro Emporium is one of those, until today when a girl called Louise discovered it. Louise was amazed at how bright inside the building was and how clear the windows were and the windows were weird though because you could see Three hundred and sixty degrees but Louise overlooked that but she decided to come back and go in The Next Day…


Chapter one


The next day Louise comes back and goes in. She see Blue vases filled with Roses. She could smell freshly baked cookies. there were fans on the ceiling and robot toys roaming around the floor. She could feel the soft fur of a dog but before she could look the dog was gone. But what she was amazed by the most was a book on a desk with tons of fancy s’. Whatever she thought of, the book would show her a 3D display of that item. She went over to the book and then she heard a voice say…


”I see you have seen my book of displays”. A man and a dog stepped out of a shadow. He was wearing a lab coat and had blue spikey hair. The dog had a yellow t-shirt and he looked like he had brown wig of hair.


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